Food Production

On a smallish acreage with the density we desire, total food self-sufficiency is not really an option, nor even desirable. Villages have always traded with their neighbours and we imagine the same. However, the more we can achieve with growing our own wholesome food, the more resilient we will be and the less we will rely on others. In so doing, we are also able have confidence in what we put into our bodies and maintain a connection with the earth.

With the land and resources we have here, one of our community members has put together this plan for moving towards being self-sufficient. The time frames are arbitrary and rubbery but let’s say approximately 6 to 12 months short term, medium term is 1 year to 2 years, and long term is greater than 2 years.

  • Short term: water, some vegetables, honey, eggs, salt, seaweed, eels (there are plenty in the dams!), rabbits (they are taking over the place!)
  • Medium term: dairy products, fish, some meat, many vegetables, organic fertiliser, mushrooms
  • Long term: electrical energy, gas for cooking, most vegetables, some nuts, some fruit, olive and other oils, tempeh, wine

We are excited about: permaculture, community supported agriculture (CSA), local growers, trading, biological farming, permaculture, food producing streetscapes, chooks and ducks, downstream processing in our big community kitchen, hemp.

The growing season is long enough, with Tasmania being famous for its production of cool-climate fruit and vegetables: raspberries, blueberries, cherries, and other stone fruit are grown, as well as the apples and pears that Tasmania is famous for. Not to mention the potatoes! Certainly enough food can be grown here to sustain a community throughout the year.



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